Friday, 14 December 2007

The Exhibition

Larissa 2007
1st International Mail Art Biennale in Greece.

The exhibition in:
With the units:
1st mail art biennale.....
… for Olympus, for Elassona, or the city everyone has in his mind and heart”
(a co-production with the Cultural Association “Chart of Culture”)
Refugee Solidarity Chain
( in collaboration with the Greek Council for the refugees and the support of the Union of Native of the Pont in Elassona)
General organization:
Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa – Museum G.I.Katsigras-
Cultural Association « Chart of Culture ”
Art director- initiator - curator of the project: Thomai Kontou.
Assistant curator: Regas Makropoulos.
Artistic coordination: Theodoros Xintaras.
Theoretical support: Annita Patsouraki (Art Historian)

8 December 2007 – 14 January 2008

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